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rhonda stark design – prophoto blogsite customization

I get to be the first one blogged about for the new design blog! I was going to keep the design very neutral .. white and grey .. to emphasize that branding is not about me. Exciting … huh?

But as I thought about it I realized that I failed to do what I preach! Branding is about selling YOU and your work and your personality and the types of clients you want to attract. So I set about putting together an interest board for colors and fonts and textures that appeal to me .. and as you can tell .. I love the warm autumnal colors. And I love texture!

interest board for myself

So from this I created 3 mood boards to present to myself, which is a bit weird, as I didn’t object to anything!

I ended up liking the colors from 2nd board and then did some tweaking on the text .. and this was my final mood board that I based the site off of.

I loved the calm and inviting blue and off-white tones with that punch of color from the orange & red. And I was inspired by the word art in my board and on my photography site to use word art for the background .. but this time design related. And the reason that I chose the font I did was that it matches my handwriting pretty closely. I like adding my own personal touches to the site .. which is why I decided on hand drawn icons. I must say .. I’m pretty pleased with the designer and her work!

Now obviously your inspiration board will be different than mine. Each of us are unique and I will strive to bring that uniqueness to your site. I’d love to hear your thoughts!