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nghi le photography – blogsite customization

Nghi contacted me through ILP as her friend Stephanie recommended me and Nghi had liked the mockups I had shown Stephanie. Nghi was happy with her current logo and really needed a blogsite .. and one that reflected her personality and highlighted her gorgeous photography!

We started with some questions, her original logo, and an interest board to help me visualize what she had in mind.

Nghi had mentioned she really liked the yellow in her current logo and thought purple went well with it. I agreed .. and this was her choice of moodboards. I did tweak her logo a bit from her original .. sometimes I just can’t help myself .. if I don’t feel it is working with the rest of the design I’ll make some suggestions.

From the moodboard we started the blogsite design process and eventually came up with the following design, which I implemented using a different template than ProPhoto. I had told Nghi that we could use alternative templates, as she had already spent money on a designer that basically ditched her and left her with nothing to show for it :(  So I said to save money she could use something else, as I had used other templates for other small businesses. Well .. let’s just say I learned a lesson from the process.

We had started off with a free WordPress template for photographers, which did not work very well, lets just say there is a reason things are sometimes free! And since I told Nghi that we could do it without ProPhoto and I didn’t want to go back on my word ..  I persevered. So I found another WordPress template that fit the vision of the site, and plugged along .. literally using lots of plugins that needed lots of tweaking .. and quite a few swear words on my part during the process :) But in the end we came up with a blogsite that fit her and her vision!

And that process helped make a decision for me .. I would only be customizing ProPhoto templates for photographers. It is just a stellar product that gives photographers so many options on the look & feel of their site, along with awesome support, and solid coding and reliability. Things that we needed plugins for the other template, were part of the ProPhoto template. They thought of everything a photographer could want! And as a designer and previous programmer I appreciate it!

So .. anyway .. back to Nghi’s site .. which still came out just as she hoped .. “Fresh, airy, and you know, sweet!”

Thanks again Nghi for working with me .. I know it was probably hard to trust again .. but I hope I exceeded your expectations!