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Minna Burgess Photography – Logo and ProPhoto Customization

Minna Burgess was looking to update her logo and website to a ProPhoto Blog/BlogSite so that it would be more accessible than her previous flash site. She was looking “for a new logo that will fit my overall branding and work for both my newborn and glamour work. I’m looking for a very simple, modern logo with pretty much just the text Minna Burgess Photography.. nothing much in terms of a picture, drawing etc.” Gotta love a girl who knows what they want!

Her old branding was much darker and she felt her logo was too cutesy for the glamour work she was expanding into.

Her inspiration board, pretty much showed the look she was after, very soft and elegant, and classic. Just like the gorgeous images she creates!

From there she whittled it down to the final moodboard for her project …

And the resulting splash page …

and sites .. she wanted to keep her two specialties as separate sites but keep the same look for each …

You can check out Minna’s live site here .. but unfortunately if you don’t live in Australia you won’t be able to schedule a session with her!

Thanks again Minna for working with me .. it was a pleasure getting to know you and being able to bring your vision to fruition.