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Category Archives: Branding

Black Tie Cinema
Custom ProPhoto5 Design | Marketing Materials

Shawn at Black Tie Cinema was looking to combine his blog and site into one blogsite with ProPhoto. He had his logo and the pattern with the ties that he wanted to use. And after looking at his body of work and pinterest board I knew that we needed something sophisticated. And as he wanted…

EMP Seniors | Logo Design | ProPhoto Blogsite Design

After having her main portrait site redesigned Elizabeth wanted to get her senior site in line with her new branding. She wanted to add some younger touches for her market .. which is mostly senior girls. I think what we came up with works perfectly for the senior girls! And seeing this reminds me …..

Reflections by Louise
Logo and Prophoto Customization

I’ve long admired Louise’s work on ILP and was thrilled when she asked me to update her logo and blogsite. She at first just wanted a new logo so we worked on that .. but then she wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into her existing site .. so we redid her site too! I…

McCormick & Moore | Branding & ProPhoto Blog Customization

OK .. so it’s been quite some time since I blogged .. guilty as charged! The last time I blogged was in July and I was probably complaining about the heat. And now its March and I’ve been complaining about the #stupidcold as it’s been referred to here in Minnesota! But one thing I’m not…