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Argyle Photography | Argyle Photography Seniors
Branding and Custom ProPhoto5 Blogsite

Finally getting around to posting some more “recent work” .. which isn’t so recent as this was from last year but just now getting around to blogging it!

Liz contacted me ready to switch her sites over to a ProPhoto blogsite and wanted help with her branding for both the portraits and senior sites. She was looking to have both tie in with each other, but have the senior site a bit edgier .. or as she said “I want the senior site to be trendy, casual, modern, and urban. I want the feeling that this is the hottest place to get pictures done”.

After going through Liz’s questionnaire and pinterest board, we narrowed down the look and feel to this mood board.


For the site design Liz said she “likes the layered look that is often found in vintage sites, and textures. My hard spot has been to merge vintage, grunge, and homey that I love the look of and mix it with a bit of class and formality. I never found a template that matched the odd mix”. And that is probably the best reason to hire out for custom design. If you want something truly unique to you it will be hard to find it in a template.

For the general portrait site, we chose to use the yellow and darker blue with small amounts of the teal color. And for the senior site, we chose to use the teal and darker blue with small amounts of the yellow. Both sites were grounded with grey.



Thanks again Liz for choosing me to take your thoughts & ideas and translate them into your branding and site designs! So happy with how they turned out!

Black Tie Cinema
Custom ProPhoto5 Design | Marketing Materials

Shawn at Black Tie Cinema was looking to combine his blog and site into one blogsite with ProPhoto. He had his logo and the pattern with the ties that he wanted to use. And after looking at his body of work and pinterest board I knew that we needed something sophisticated. And as he wanted “Subtlety… it’s important in my work and I feel we could use some here. Lets not be too inflicting. Nice style, good taste and we’ll have done our job.”


After going back and forth with the original design concepts .. we finally decided on the final concept .. which I love! It shows off Shawn’s work without overwhelming. And I received this response from Shawn “I just wanted to let you know we’ve got some nice compliments on the site and I’m very proud of it, it looks wonderful!  Thank you for all your hard work!”.


Once his site was done he wanted to update some of his marketing materials, including his business card, facebook profile pic, and a 5×5 tri-fold marketing piece.

SCREENSHOTSforBlog-blacktiecinema-marketing-material-designThanks Shawn for placing your confidence in me with your blogsite and polishing up your branding .. I love the way it turned out and enjoyed working with you!

Allison Pense Photography
Custom ProPhoto5 Design & Marketing Materials

Wow .. it’s been way too long since I’ve posted any projects! Not that I haven’t had any .. but because I’ve been busy with them!

This one for Allison Pense Photography started with a logo design and custom ProPhoto5 blogsite. She was looking for something laid back, fun but clean and sophisticated. I loved the colors she had on her interest board and used the mint and black and cream as the basis for her branding. I also used the fun wedding garland as inspiration for her graphics mark.


Loved how this turned out! Click on the image to see it in action.


Allison also wanted to create something to hand out for her wedding pricing. She found this company that prints pocket invitations and thought that would be a great idea for her pricing. And she was right!


Thanks Allison for working with me on your ProPhoto 5 blogsite and marketing materials .. it was a pleasure!

Megan Manus Photography
Custom ProPhoto5 Design

Megan contacted me looking for a refresh of her ProPhoto blog as she was getting her branding updated but her branding designer did not do website design. At first she was going to keep both her website and just update her blog. After a discussion we decided to ditch the website and just have a blogsite as its so much easier to have all your content in one basket!

Megan was looking for something simple and fresh and modern and I was able to utilize the lines from her logo into creating a simple blogsite for her.


We added some custom features for her wedding pages .. adding links and an image only for those pages.


Thanks Megan for working with me .. I enjoyed the process!

Bespoke | Weddings by Michelle K
Custom ProPhoto Design

Michelle contacted me as she had purchased ProPhoto yet wasn’t quite sure how to achieve what she envisioned for her site. So we set to work .. first her filling out my questionnaire and an interest board ..



And then me .. with a new logo and custom blogsite design. I had to find a few plugins to achieve what she wanted and added a lot of custom CSS .. but I loved the way her site turned out .. she wanted it to be pretty yet simple and sophisticated and I think we succeeded! Click on one of the images to see her site in action …

prophoto blogsite customizationSCREENSHOTSforBlog-bespokebymk-gallery