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Black Tie Cinema
Custom ProPhoto5 Design | Marketing Materials

Shawn at Black Tie Cinema was looking to combine his blog and site into one blogsite with ProPhoto. He had his logo and the pattern with the ties that he wanted to use. And after looking at his body of work and pinterest board I knew that we needed something sophisticated. And as he wanted “Subtlety… it’s important in my work and I feel we could use some here. Lets not be too inflicting. Nice style, good taste and we’ll have done our job.”


After going back and forth with the original design concepts .. we finally decided on the final concept .. which I love! It shows off Shawn’s work without overwhelming. And I received this response from Shawn “I just wanted to let you know we’ve got some nice compliments on the site and I’m very proud of it, it looks wonderful!  Thank you for all your hard work!”.


Once his site was done he wanted to update some of his marketing materials, including his business card, facebook profile pic, and a 5×5 tri-fold marketing piece.

SCREENSHOTSforBlog-blacktiecinema-marketing-material-designThanks Shawn for placing your confidence in me with your blogsite and polishing up your branding .. I love the way it turned out and enjoyed working with you!