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Branding and Custom ProPhoto5 Blogsite

Finally getting around to posting some more “recent work” .. which isn’t so recent as this was from last year but just now getting around to blogging it!

Liz contacted me ready to switch her sites over to a ProPhoto blogsite and wanted help with her branding for both the portraits and senior sites. She was looking to have both tie in with each other, but have the senior site a bit edgier .. or as she said “I want the senior site to be trendy, casual, modern, and urban. I want the feeling that this is the hottest place to get pictures done”.

After going through Liz’s questionnaire and pinterest board, we narrowed down the look and feel to this mood board.


For the site design Liz said she “likes the layered look that is often found in vintage sites, and textures. My hard spot has been to merge vintage, grunge, and homey that I love the look of and mix it with a bit of class and formality. I never found a template that matched the odd mix”. And that is probably the best reason to hire out for custom design. If you want something truly unique to you it will be hard to find it in a template.

For the general portrait site, we chose to use the yellow and darker blue with small amounts of the teal color. And for the senior site, we chose to use the teal and darker blue with small amounts of the yellow. Both sites were grounded with grey.



Thanks again Liz for choosing me to take your thoughts & ideas and translate them into your branding and site designs! So happy with how they turned out!