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Allison Pense Photography
Custom ProPhoto5 Design & Marketing Materials

Wow .. it’s been way too long since I’ve posted any projects! Not that I haven’t had any .. but because I’ve been busy with them!

This one for Allison Pense Photography started with a logo design and custom ProPhoto5 blogsite. She was looking for something laid back, fun but clean and sophisticated. I loved the colors she had on her interest board and used the mint and black and cream as the basis for her branding. I also used the fun wedding garland as inspiration for her graphics mark.


Loved how this turned out! Click on the image to see it in action.


Allison also wanted to create something to hand out for her wedding pricing. She found this company that prints pocket invitations and thought that would be a great idea for her pricing. And she was right!


Thanks Allison for working with me on your ProPhoto 5 blogsite and marketing materials .. it was a pleasure!